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Excellence in Education Ltd. Chris Pickup Associates

Excellence in Education Ltd. Chris Pickup Associates

Working with Schools to Promote Excellence in Education by
Offering Headteachers a High Level of Valuable Professional Support

Getting Prepared for Ofsted

  • A treasure chest of valuable and essential resources for headteachers
  • It contains essential documents and tools to help you prepare for the New 2015 Ofsted Inspections.
  • There are four Power Point Presentations for staff and governors
  • Twelve booklets to print out for staff and governors
  • Teaching observation tools and forms to record observations
  • Advice on how to do well and take control of the inspection
  • Checklists for headteachers
  • No school should be without this valuable resource if they want to do well in inspection
  • All 20 documents, tools and resources are in WORD Format for you to print out and circulate to staff and governors to help them prepare for inspection
  • The Power point presentations enable heads to lead inset with support staff, teachers and governors to prepare them for inspection
  • The slides then transform into coloured handbooks for each group to use as working documents guide their preparations and help them success.

Cost £140 PLUS VAT postage and package free


Documents In The Resource Box

Each document is presented in Word Format on the rather swish memory card contained within the box so that the resource is easy to carry and use. It acts as a USB and plugs into the port of any computer so that the contents can be easily downloaded or printed.

Booklets – each booklet very simply sets out key information about an aspect of the inspection process and each has been produced so that they can be printed into multiple copies and given to staff and governors to use to prepare them for inspection.

1.   Booklet One.    The Ofsted inspection process

2.   Booklet Two.    How the school is judged

3.   Booklet three.   The Conduct of Inspections

4.   Booklet Four.    Taking Control of Your Inspection

5.   Booklet Five.     Reporting the outcomes of inspections

6.   Booklet Six.       Checklists for headteachers

7.   Booklet Seven.  Checklists for safeguarding

8.   Booklet Eight.    Governors Monitoring Strategies

Power Point Presentations: Each Power Point Presentation has been designed for headteachers to lead inset and then the slides print out full size to make a useful handbook for each member of staff or governor to use as a tool to help them prepare for inspection.

9.   Power Point Presentation for Support Staff:  This prints out into a handbook for support staff

10. Power Point presentation for Teaching Staff: This prints out into a handbook for teachers

11. Power Point presentation for Governors No1: This prints out into a handbook for governors

12. Power Point presentation for Governors No2: This prints out into a handbook for governors

Governor’s Audits:  Two key audits for governors to conduct to demonstrate to Ofsted that they are efficient and effective.

13. Audit of Governing Body effectiveness

14. Audit of Governors’ skills

Other Checklists:

15 School Website Checklist

16 Checklist of statutory policies

Tools For Judging Teaching: Four tools to helping schools judge the quality of their teaching and the quality of their CSA support staff. The records that these tools build up become the school’s evidence base for its own judgement of the quality of teaching and support prior to the inspection.

17.  Tool for observing teaching

17a Sheet for collating all the judgements that the school has made on teaching

18.  Tool for observing CSAs

18a Sheet for collating all the judgements that the school has made on CSAs

19. A form to record general observations other than teaching

20. EYFS Lesson Observation Tool

21. Work Scrutiny Tool

22. Guideline and Policy for Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism

N.B.  Also included in the resource box  is a yellow folder (on the memory card) containing the Ofsted Framework Sept 2015, Handbook Sept 2015, Safeguarding 2015, Complaints Procedure, Governors Handbook 2015 and Parents Letter 2015. This will save you having to search for them on the Ofsted website.

Please complete the details for your order and select the resource pack(s) that you require.

Resource pack(s) and invoice(s) will be sent into school.

• Payment is due within 28 days of invoice

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